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Who Discovered Vacuum?

Who Discovered Vacuum?

Who Discovered Vacuum?

In general we will call as vacuum if nothing is there. But once upon a time no one doesn’t know about this vacuum and there took place lot of experiments in order to prove this vacuum scientifically. In the ear 1643, a scientist named Evangelist Torricelli has filled the mercury into the thin glass vessel and closed the other side of the vessel with the finger. Then he reversed the vessel by closing the other side with his finger. But, though the vessel is made up side down, the mercury in the vessel remained constant. On the other hand, there is a gap in between the finger and the mercury.  The empty space which made and stopped the mercury to come down is named as vacuum, the pressure free area.

Torricelli is very fond of the subjects like scientific research and mathematics. Galileo has appointed Torricelli as his assistant after observing his interest and talent in mathematics and researches. It is in that time only, the research which is made by Torricelli on vacuum is brought into the light. On the other hand, Torricelli has observed that the vacuum and empty spaces are not constant but changes according to the pressure and situation.

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