Differences between Rabbits and Hares

Differences between Rabbits and Hares | Only Rabbits are Grown As Pets

RabbitsGenerally a rabbit is also called as bunny in English dialect. There are two species in rabbits. One species are called Hares and the other species are called Rabbits. Many people think that both the rabbits and hares are same. But there are many differences between rabbits and hares. Rabbits won’t be active at childhood. They do not have even clear vision when they born. And they do not have hair on skin at childhood. After feeding them for some period, they become active.

Hares have exactly opposite characteristics to that of rabbits. They are larger in size than rabbits. They have big ears. They have good eyesight at childhood. They have hair on skin. Also black scars exist on their skin. Hares learn quick movements from childhood onwards. They are very active.

Except Cotton tail rabbit species, all the other rabbit species live in the burrows made in the ground. But hares build nests on the ground and live in them only. Generally people, who like rabbits, grow them as pets. But hares are not grown as pets.

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