Diatoms Are Single Celled Living Organism

Diatoms Are Single Celled Living Organism | Diatoms Can Swim Also

Diatoms In nature not only birds, animals and humans, but there are many living organisms.  Mainly there are many small organisms along with big organisms in sea. They are called diatoms.  Sometimes these are found in lakes also. These are very sensitive single celled organisms.   walls of these cells are made up of silica, hence they looks like glass rooms. These are one type of plants. These cells take the help of chloroplast that is in yellow and biscuit color for photosynthesis. In this process, they will make the food.  These organisms will be formed on the items that would be floating on water.  These can swim also. One part of the diatom cell will be developed from chemical called pectin. This cell would be pasted as two parts. The cell part is so beautiful in some diatoms that these will change the shapes. Some diatoms will look separated and some will look like a chain and they swim.

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