Daniel Bernoulli invented Sand clock

Daniel Bernoulli invented Sand clock | Daniel Bernoulli was multi talented

Daniel BernoulliDaniel Bernoulli was born on 8th February, 1700 in Netherlands. He was born in the family of famous mathematical scholars. But Daniel was not good in mathematics from childhood. His father encouraged him towards business. But Daniel did not like doing business. He motivated himself. He started studying sincerely with a goal to learn  mathematics. He went to Basel University and learnt Philosophy and Logic. He learnt mathematics from his father and brother.

Daniel’s father used to say that there would not be any use financially with mathematical knowledge. On father’s suggestion, Daniel studied medicine. Later he started practice as doctor in Venice. It was then, Daniel invented sand clock to measure time. Although he had showed immense talent in many fields, he became much famous for his experiments on water flow. Daniel has postulated many principles and explained the theory of water and air movements in hydrodynamics etc. Daniel had received many prizes for his achievements. He had showed immense talent in the fields of magnetic field, tides, astronomy and the pressure falling on ship while on water etc. Daniel  died on March 17th, 1782 in Switzerland.

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