Comparison of 2 G – 3 G Speed

Comparison of 2 G – 3 G Speed |Earning of Network Companies Increasing Gradually


3 GAlthough GPRS hand sets are internationally being used, browsing speed to check mails, download information, photos, and music of 2G is limited.  Only it is capable of 9.6-14.4 KBPS download speed and its working with 256 KBPS speed in network.  While if its 3 G connection, we can upload and download by 3.6-21.1 MBPS speed. We can understand how its speed is, when 5 minute song can be downloaded within 40 seconds.


While in India, the data user are paying average amount 0.3 dollar, but it is 4 dollars in accordance with world average.  It’s hoping that this situation is greatly changes within 3 years.


In compared with international voice calls, the earning amount of Net work companies in data using is increasing. In 2008 its ratio is 79:21 and in 2009 its ratio is 77:23, in 2010 is 75:25 and it hopes that in 2011 it may be 72:28.  It hopes that in 2013 it may raise to 67:33.





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