Coconuts are grown all over the world

Coconuts are grown all over the world | Coconuts prevent heart diseases and develops immunity

CoconutsA long time back, sailors belonging to Spain, Portuguese used to travel across the world, by ships. They used to come across many countries. In their journey, they saw a coconut tree for the first time on a coast. They felt something strange by seeing coconut. They opened it. Inside it, they found a shell similar to that of monkey’s face, with three eyes. Then the sailors named it as coco-nut as coco in their language meant monkey. In that way, the word coconut was born and it was seen in the English dictionary for the first time in 1555A.D. Let us go in detail about the history behind World Coconut Day.

An international organization named The Asia- Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) was established on 2nd September, 1969 in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. The main objective of this organization is to develop the products of coconut and to bring awareness about its importance. From 35th anniversary of this organization, World Coconut day is being celebrated on September 2nd of every year.

In developing and exporting coconut products, India is in third place after Indonesia and Philippines in first two places respectively. In India, some crores of people are living on coconuts and coconut based products. Exclusively, coconut’s revenue amounts to seven thousand crore rupees in India’s entire economy.

There were many arguments about the origin of coconut. As a coconut fossil was found in New Zealand almost 1.5 crore years back, it was believed that coconut was born there only. But there were several arguments that regarding coconut’s birth in North America, in Asia and on the banks of river Ganga.

Wherever coconuts have born, they have traveled all along by floating across the seas and got planted on various coasts and spread all over the world. Even if the coconut lies in the sea for 110 days also, plant gets sprouted from it. Now coconut trees are there in 86 countries.

  • In health point of view, a coconut provides a lot of benefits. It decreases heart diseases and improves immunity. It accelerates metabolism and improves digestion.
  • Coconut is largest seed in the world.
  • All over the world, almost 5000 crore coconuts are produced.
  • In Andaman and Nicobar islands, coconuts are used for bartering with other things till 20th century.

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