Coconut Crab Is the Big Crab in the World

Coconut Crab Is the Big Crab in the World | Coconut Crab Is Also Called Robber Crab

Coconut CrabGenerally size of a crab would be that of a human palm. There is a crab which is of six feet height and that is coconut crab. The reason behind having coconut in the name is, it climbs on the coconut tree and eat the coconuts. It has ten legs and the front two legs are strong, tall and with scissors like pincers. With that this make hole in wet coconut and eats the contents.

These are the largest crabs in the world and lives in the seashores where coconut trees grow. These will grow to a height of six feet and 17 kilos of weight. It has another name called robber crab. The reason is it steals shiny items such as pots and silverware from houses and tents. Nobody knows why they take these articles.  They may assume these things to be eatable and takes them.

These will come out only at nights and the living of these is also a wonder. Eggs are laid by female crabs in sea and they turn as larvae in water. They go deep into water and stays in shells of other living things. After growing they select bigger shells. After passing of sometime these will completely come on the earth. After one stage their gills start functioning of lungs and they cannot breathe in water. After coming on earth these will roam by lifting the coconut shells. Once the body becomes hard, they leave the coconut shells and roam freely. They make holes in the seashore and spread coconut coir and spend there. Not only coconuts, it also eats fruits, leaves and tortoise eggs. In some areas people will cook and eat these crabs. Cost of these crabs is also high.

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