Centipedes Have 28-354 Legs

Centipedes Have 28-354 Legs | Millipedes Have Number Legs

CentipedesIn nature there are some animals without legs and some having hundreds of legs. Snakes have no legs, birds have two legs, creeping animals have four legs, insects have six legs, spider has eight legs, prawns and crabs have ten legs. A creature called woodlouse will have 14, caterpillar will have 16 legs. People will think centipedes will have hundred legs and millipedes will have thousand legs as ‘centi’ means hundred and ‘pedes’ means feet in Latin language this means having hundred legs. Also millipedes mean having thousand legs.   But in reality centipedes will have 28-354 legs and millipedes have 750 legs.    Millipedes are the creatures that have more number of legs.

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