How to know the speed of your net connection…..

How to know the speed of your net connection…..

download-accelerator-plusTo know the speed of internet connection you are using, visit www.speedtest.net. By clicking on the begin test button, the download and upload speeds are displayed on the screen. It also lets us know the time taken to download mp3, video, cinema files and others. For instance, the time taken by your internet connection to download an 800 MB movie can be known in advance.

How to boost up the net speed?

How to boost up the net speed?

net-speedUsage of internet is growing day by day. Users from cities and even villages are surfing the net extensively and are downloading the music, videos and movies. In this scenario, let us know the ways to increase the speed of internet…..

These are internet managers…..

There are some managers available for increasing the net speed. Download speed can be increased by installing them. Internet Download Manger tool can improve the download speed by five times. Downloads can be managed with simple interface. A new tool bar, menu bar appears when it is opened. All the details of the download like file size, status, transfer rate, time left and others can be known in table form.

Those who make more downloads from the net can install and use download accelerator.

Free download manager is the open source community software. It not along accelerates the download speed but also makes the download of YouTube and Google videos simpler. Video can also be converted to different forms. Files can be shared with others by uploading.

Internet speed can be increased by using the tools like Internet Cyclone 2.01, Active Speed and Internet Speed Booster also.

How the Touch screen ground can be used to play games, music and more

How the Touch screen ground can be used to play games, music and more

multitoeLatest technology succeeds in making Touch screen ground
Floor of the house can be turned to touch screen to play games, music and more

Flooring in the house is also going to be turned into touch screen ones.  In the future, ipod menu may be seen on floor while walking; it may play when the favorite track is stepped upon; video games may be played multitoe-1by jumping and typing may also be done by legs!

We have seen mobile touch screen, PC, laptop, table computer touch screens. Did you ever think of giving input by turning the floor of the house into touch screen? Did you ever think of playing games using the floor as gaming controller? And did you think of typing with the legs? This is all imagined and made it possible by the scientists of Germany. After doing many experiments and trials, they were successful in turning the floor in to touch screen. It is Multi-toe project. Let us know more about this novel technology…

Music and games can be played on this touch screen

If square shaped multi toe glass tiles are used in the place of normal tiles in you house, then it will be turned to touch screen. Multi toe tile models are made with 0.5 mm silicon, 8 mm arsenic tiles. It is designed like multi touch table technology and it easily recognizes the walk on it. For this, special cameras, projectors are inserted in the flooring. Based on the size, design of boots, walking and pressure the system takes the input. By standing on the screen one can register themselves with the menu.  Then, it will recognize you as soon as you stand on it. If you jump, the menu will be seen.  Different options in the menu can be selected by just foot touches. Music and games can be played on this touch screen. For instance, music system can be turned on by network if you enter the house. One can do typing by making the keyboard visible on the floor. Video games can also be played. This technology is tested in the on real tournament video game.  Game is displayed on the floor by the projector and using multi toe once can play the game. By bending frontward or backward, the character of the game can be moved. Gun in the game can be used by touching the screen with toes. A new video game called dancedancerevolution is being designed to suit the multi touch interface. For more details and videos visit www. hpi.uni-potsdam.de/baudisch/projects/multitoe.html,                                                          www.you tube.com/watch?v=spiKgkW1UmI

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How the Satellites Formed?

How the Satellites Formed?

SatellitesAssume that there is a large sand cloud in the space and in that there is the star sand are collapsing due to the gravitational force of the air in the space.  In this stage they come closer to each other, the product capacity in this area is increased at the center of this area and becomes hot, and after certain stage, it is changed as a star center.  In the meanwhile the area around this starts to rotate clockwise to one side and after this the completely sand cloud is changed into a form of a thin slate. This slate is called as Proto Panetory Disk. The material in this disk forms big in the course of the time. After some years they change as the planets. In the experiments that are conducted through the Hubble telescope, the scientists used to observe these stages. Around 25 stars are examined under the survey called, “The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Chronographic Survey of Free Main Sequence Stars”.  In this survey, it is observed that there is a thin layer of the slate for 7 stars and broad slates for two stars which are very brightful.  The material in the bright slates is not formed in groups and through this survey; the scientists got an idea about the satellites and their formation. It is also observed that there are satellites on the other side of the solar family and they rotate round the bright stars through the Nebula.

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How to Count of Black Holes?

How to Count of Black Holes?

Black-HolesIt is well known that the earth had the gravitational force. One cannot reach the space if unless travelled with the speed of 9.8Km per second. If the earth is been made into a small tiny sand particle using a wonder power, then the gravitational force there will be very powerful that even the rays can be inserted in it. That area is called as the black hole. The scientists said that these kinds of holes are there on the space in the year 1860 itself and by the year 1990 they estimated that these will be at a particular place.  After 1990 with the invention of the Hubble telescope, the presence of these black holes are recognized and said that they are seen in almost all the milky Ways. The Hubble had recognized huge black holes, which are near to the solar family by examining around 27 milky Ways. It is also known that the liquididity of each Milky Way depends on the size of the black hole.


How to find the Age of Universe | What is the Age of the Universe

How to find the Age of Universe | What is the Age of the Universe

UniverseThe scientists used to estimate that the age of the universe until 1999 is around 7000 to 20000 million years. On the other hand the age of the universe can be 1370 years. This calculation is possible through the Hubble telescope. Here is a short story for this telescope. In the year 1920, a famous scientist, Edwin Hubble had discovered an interesting and wonderful issue. It is that the stars, planets and the Milky Way’s are moving away from each other from time to time and the objects that are far away are spreading very quickly. He also discovered an equation for that calculation called v=Hod. The Ho in this equation called as the Hubble constant. It is through this the age of the universe can be calculated. Moreover, it is possible by counting the distance between the stars. For this the power of the telescopes is not sufficient and so he started a project in the year 1993 to calculate the age of the universe in the year 1933. Through this project the distance between the Milky Way’s and the human beings is calculated in a perfect way. By this the equation is constant at 71 Km/sec MPC. By this the age of the universe is calculates as 200 million years and estimated as 13700 million years. The same age is been recorded even after 2003 is a wonder and amazing issue.

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How to see the Google search results in table form| Google squared is the new way of searching

How to see the Google search results in table form| Google squared is the new way of searching

Do you use Google search engine for searching any information? Then you should know about Google Squared service. Go to www. google.com/squared link and type in the search term in the search box and click on ‘Square it’. The results are shown in the section wise. Total data can be viewed in a table view.

For instance, if a cell phone model is searched; all the details like Item name, image, description, condition, weight, model number and others are seen in table. Undesired rows and columns can be closed by clicking on close button. Share option provides facility to share the searched data with friends.

As soon as you type in the search term and click the square it button or hit the enter button, it builds a square for the searched term. Information which is not present in the page can be had by the user by clicking on add info button. Users need to sign in to their Google accounts to save the searched data.  There is also a facility to export the searched data in a CSV format or Google spreadsheet format. Data is seen on the left side of the page while images make their place on the right side of the page.

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How can a car can be driven by eye sight | How will EyeDriver software and device work?

How can a car can be driven by eye sight | How will EyeDriver software and device work?

Eye driver makes it possible to drive the car without handling the steering, just by the eye sight.

Driving a car is not so easy. All the tasks of controlling steering, accelerator, brake, gear and others should be handled properly. But the scientists from Freie University, Berlin are driving the cars just by their eye vision. They have even demonstrated their work by creating software called EyeDriver. It is also termed as ‘Spirit of Berlin’. Let us know more about its functioning.

How will EyeDriver software and device work?

It is a network system. It works with the integration of helmet, cameras, sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi, LAN network and computers. A helmet is designed with two cameras, LED light to absorb the eye sight of the driver. One camera is arranged in the direction of eye sight of the driver and the other camera, Eye camera, is arranged in such a way that it absorbs the eye sight of the driver. The video feed captured through both the cameras is got by the computer present in the car through the LAN network. It will process the feed by HED4EyeTracker technology and controls the steering. EyeDriver works in free riding and routing modes. If the free riding mode is selected, the car moves in what ever the direction the driver looks. If the driver sleeps, the car stops. If the routing mode is selected, car will control itself even when the driver sleeps or doesn’t watch the directions well. If there is any obstacle in the path or if there is need to take the turn, it will ask for inputs through voice feed. The car moves in the direction towards which the driver looks for three seconds. Car steering can also be regulated using iPhone. With the special applications present in the iPhone, the car can be run by touching the steering, brake, accelerators in the application. The steering of the car can be moved in the specified direction by touching the steering and moving the iPhone in that direction. For more details and videos, visit www. fu-berlin.de/en/presse/fup/2010/fup_10_106/index.html, www. youtube.com/watch?v=0zbrySJVQ5A.

How to open files, folders, applications and others in different way with Berokyo….

How to open files, folders, applications and others in different way with Berokyo….

BerokyoIt is common to open files, folders, applications through My Computer, explorer and start menu. Berokyo tool can be used to open them in a new way.

Because of the availability of high capacity hard disks, people now are saving many files and applications. Berokyo tool is the one that is designed to access all those files and applications in an easy way. As soon as this tool is installed, it finds its place in system tray and creates a shortcut for itself. Files, folders and applications can be arranged in a Cabinets form. Each cabinet has specific shortcut. For instance, it is enough to press Ctrl + 1 to access the data present in Cabinet 1. Short cut key is displayed in the title bar.

To create a new cabinet, ‘New Cabinet’ option has to be selected after using right click on the icon present in the system tray. ‘Add items to cabinet’ has to be selected in the new window that appears. Data should be browsed to keep in that cabinet. For items on desktop, ‘Desktop Items’ should be selected and for start menu programs ‘Start Menu Programs -> Programs Only’ options should be selected. By this all the files, folder and applications reach the cabinet in the form of icons. For example, if 200 applications are present in a system, there is no need to search them in the programs menu of the start menu. Quick search tool of the cabinet will do the work easily. Unnecessary ones can be removed from the cabinet by clicking on the ‘Remove ‘option. For more details, visit www.berokyo.com/win/en/index.html

How to get the back up of the data present in the computer system? | Different online free storage and back up services

How to get the back up of the data present in the computer system? | Different online free storage and back up services

computer-systemSuddenly if the hard disk gets crashed! If the deleted files are known to be the important ones! If it is needed to get back those files! Back up is necessary.

Memory of computers is now available in hundreds of GB. Thousands of files can be saved in the system. They may contain important files like word documents, PowerPoint presentations, favorite music or video. Sometimes unknowingly it gets deleted by some or the other person. To get back those some tools are used. Are you doing back up? It is better to take care before only rather than loosing files. So, let us see the online and offline ways of taking back up of the data….

Even single bit will not be lost…..

To back up the data through disk imaging, Macrium Reflect software can be downloaded. It can be run in Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Data back up can be done in File back up, Disk Imaging and XML methods. Copy can be made in CD, DVD, local and network drives. They can be encrypted through password so that others can’t access the data. Data disk image can be created using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service. Software can be configured to back up the data at specified time. For more details, visit www. macrium.com/reflectfree.asp

Data can be stored online totally!

IDrive provides a facility to back up the data online safely and quickly. Software should be downloaded from the website and it should be installed. After signing in, just two clicks are enough to back up important data like photos, documents and others. Two GB space can be got freely. Automatic back up option can also be set with this software. Mozyhome website also offers to back up the data. Two GB of free space is provided in this site also. Data can be secured through military grade encryption. Unlimited storage can be got by upgraded services. For more details, visit www.idrive.com, www. mozy.com/home

ADrive provides free 50GB space!

How to back up if the important data has to be saved in a net centre or office or any other place? If there is no pen drive or any other back up available in that time? Then log in to ADrive account. Fifty GB of free space can be got by registering with mail id. It is called online storage and back up service. Data of any form like cinema, documents, photos, music or any other forms can be uploaded and back up can be done. Documents can be edited online itself. Java scritp is necessary to upload the files. Folders can be created as like in a system. Data can be shared with others also. For more details, visit www. adrive.com

Skydrive provides 25 GB space

Microsoft offers skydrive that works like other hard drives of the system. It provides 25GB of free space. Important data can be uploaded to skydrive even from the net centre. For this, one should register in the site with the email id. After signing in, create folder link can be used to create folders as like in a system. Five files can be uploaded at a time by clicking on the Add files button. Uploaded photos can be viewed in a slide show by selecting the option in the side bar. Files can be viewed in icons, details, thumbnails view. Files can be made public or private by clicking on the view permission of the more option. To share the data with friends, click on Share button. For more details, visit www. skydrive.live.com

10 GB free space is provided by humyo….

It is enough to get registered in humyo service if the business documents are to be taken in back up. 10GB free space is provided. Backup, Access, Share, Sync services can be availed. Data can be shared with others in a 256 bit encryption technology firewall. Invitation for facebook, hotmail, Gmail users can be sent easily. For more details, visit www. humyo.com

5GB free space with basic plan of OpenDrive….

In order to take back up of 2,500 documents, songs, photos, sign in to OpenDrive. In this site, 5GB is being provided freely in the basic plan. For more details, visit www. opendrive.com

Services of Microsoft Sync….

Do you use more than one system at home and office? In order to mange and take back up of the files created in all the systems of the network in a full fledged way, install and use SyncToy 2.1 utility designed by Microsoft. To synchronize the data in local area network as well as online, install the tool Windows Live Folder Share. It is very easy to create back up network in this service. For more details and downloads visit, www. download.cnet.com/synctoy/3000-2248_4-10629009.html

2GB free space from MyOtherDrive

Sign in to MyOtherDrive Online service to back up the important data like favorite photos, documents, presentations and others. Two GB free space is provided. Data can be shared with others. For more details visit www. myotherdrive.com

Another 2GB free space from Drop box

Drop box service also provides 2 GB of free space. Register in this site with email id and sign in for online storage of documents of up to 2 GB. For more details visit www. dropbox.com