Breathing Under Sea

Breathing Under Sea | Divers Take Mixed Gas Containing Oxygen and Helium to breath under sky

Breathing Under SeaMain gases in the air are oxygen and nitrogen. The water pressure increases while going in depth of sea. So when people go deep in to the sea, one has to inhale the mixed gases of oxygen and nitrogen equaling to the water stress. Under the sea no oxygen is available and only nitrogen will be there. Due to increase in nitrogen, complications will develop. Body becomes weak and drowsy and other physical problems will make it difficult to stay inside.  Hence alternate to normal air it is better to take a mixed gas of oxygen and helium to avoid difficulties from Nitrogen. That is the reason divers who go under the sea will take this mixed air with them. Helium will be slower and there will not be any other complication. Helium reduces the body temperature fast, so to maintain body heat equaling to water, divers will wear costumes to hold temperature.

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