Blob fish is popular as the unhappy fish in the world

Blob fish is popular as the unhappy fish in the world | Blob fishes are found in Australia, Tasmania islands

Blob fishWe generally think that only human beings have feelings of anger, happiness, sorrowness. But every living being has feelings and they express their feelings in their respective languages. The only thing is that we can’t understand their language. We won’t be having same feeling all the time. But when we see blob fish, it seems that it is feeling guilty always. But actually the shape of its face seems so. That’s why it got fame in the world as the unhappy fish in the world.

If we want to see blob fish, then we have to go to Australia, Tasmania Island. Blob fish found there only. It need not suffer much to swim in the water. Its body structure will be as such that it can tolerate water flow and go forward into the water. Blob eats small animals coming in its way.

Blob swims only on the surface of the sea. So blob fishes get caught easily into the nets of fishermen. So scientists are saying that there may be extinction of these blobs soon. How pity the fish blob is!

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