Biggest Maze in the World Is In Hawaii, America | Maze in Hawaii Is Built In Two Acres

Biggest Maze in the World Is In Hawaii, America | Maze in Hawaii Is Built In Two Acres

Maze in HawaiiMaze is that in which plants are grown as walls with crisscross ways to make the visitor confuse.  These will be present in places like theme parks etc for the entertainment of visitors.

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad which has an international fame also has a maze made with plants.  The biggest maze in the world is in Hawaii, America. This also got listed in Guinness record.

Find the Way puzzles are commonly seen in magazines. The way can be find out in the crisscross ways by drawing the line with pencil. If each line in puzzle is assumed as a wall, which is the maze. You need to enter in that and without getting lost need to find the way. Generally these are constructed by growing plants as walls. The garden maze that is there in Hawaii, America is also built like that.

Maze in Hawaii is built in two acres of land. Total length of paths in maze is three kilo meters. Competition for tourists is conducted here. Different things are placed in 8 different secret places.  Participants have to find out the items and come back. Whoever comes first will be the winner. The estimation of time for this is from 45 minutes to one hour. The winners will get the prizes and also their name will be written at the front door of the maze. A boy went inside and came back in 7 minutes, which is a record.

Either sides of the maze have nearly 14000 trees that are grown up to six feet as walls. In the middle of this another maze was built in the shape of a pineapple.  21 types of pineapple trees which are there in the world were grown in the maze garden.

In recent times a maze with ice was built in America. This is made with approximately 2100 big ice cubes in 12,800 square feet area. This also achieved Guinness record.

  • Construction of mazes began in 16th century.
  • The oldest maze is in England. This was built specially in 17th century for King Williams.

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