What is ‘Barriers to Migration’?

What is ‘Barriers to Migration’?

Every year the 9th and 10th of May is regarded as the Migration of the birds day.  This year Barriers to Migration is taken as a topic for discussions.

If the oceans, huge mountains, deserts are regarded as the natural obstacles for the migrating birds, the huge constructions, current wires, statues, Phone polls and towers are the artificial obstacles that are created by man.

Due to these obstacles, some lakhs of birds are going to die every year.  Besides this, there is also a danger of getting an end for various kinds of bird’s races.   Some of the international organizations are finding different ways to protect the migrating birds.  By finding a proper solution for this problem through discussions an idea is been created to educate the people regarding the importance of migrating birds and their effect on the environment.

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