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Posted on: March 7, 2011

New attractive toys | Rabbit toy that cries when ignored for long time is available in market

new animalsA new monkey toy was made. It is named as Funky Monkey. It looks sweeter and fatter. It is an attractive toy. It will do all the funny things which are lovely. It works with the help of remote control. It rotates its head on both sides and drums the music with hands. It looks like an original monkey when seated over our shoulder. Hence it is named as Funky Monkey. Its cost is RS.4,000.

There is a toy which cries if it gets hunger. It is the rabbit toy. If the toy is ignored for more time then it cries by shaking and shouting. It opens its eyes and rise its hands up. Then it should be lifted up and carrot should be kept in its mouth for stopping crying. It tenses and wakes up immediately if a bigger sound is heard. And it sleeps immediately when made it to calm down. It closes its eyes if it gets tired. Even we can hear its sleeping sound. It weighs five kilograms. It costs around Rs.5,000

A toy flying Saucer was made recently. It is known as UAFO.  It flies in the air. Sensors in this toy could identify the altitude of things below the sensor. It can float in the air over the other objects. Another marvelous feature of this toy is that it can be controlled by the movement of hand itself. It can be operated by hand itself without using any remote. It can fly with the movement of hand. It is named as Air Houges Vectron Wave. It costs around Rs.2100.

A new toy truck was also launched in the market recently. It looks like a War tanker. Just like war tanker, it moves to and fro without caring the up’s and down’s. It can move even if it is reversed completely. It can be moved in different ways using the three channel remote given along with it. It is named as Tanko Garage vehicle. It costs around Rs.3600.

We all saw the Hollywood block buster movie Avatar. We all have still remembered the people, arrows, Scorpion gun ship used for traveling in the special world shown in the movie. A toy set was made with those instruments. All the special vehicles and special figures shown in the movie are given in the set. It costs around Rs. 1,000.

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