Artificial DNA Synthesis

Artificial DNA Synthesis | Success in the Synthesis of Artificial DNA is Milestone in Science Field

Artificial DNAThe ambition of artificial creation of life by human being is completed only in 2010. Under the leadership of Scientist Craig Venter, who played vital role in finding human gene system, made entry of human made DNA in cytosol and made them to grow. In an experiment conducted in March 2011, the artificial DNA heap which contains nearly 10 lakhs Base pairs is introduced into Micoplasma Capricolum cells and observed the rapid progress. There is no doubt that the results achieved for the effort of 2 and ½ years by the human being, the knowledge is reached to one more step. In near future human beings will use this knowledge which is suitable for their meeting necessities. Two years back Craig stated that artificial genes to be used for making earth fruitful once again which lost its vigor due to the dangerous poisonous material, for reducing water and air pollution and for making pollution free crude oil.

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