Why accused people are covered the face with mask?

Why accused people are covered the face with mask? | Penal Code of all nations allows the accused to cover their face

maskIn the penal code of all the nations, a person who is supposed to be involved in a crime should be named as accused until it is proved in the court that the person has done it. When the Policemen arrest a person suspecting him to be involved in a crime, they have to submit the suitable proof in the court showing that he had done the crime. There will be two problems to be faced in presenting the doubtful person before the media and news reporters. Even if the person arrested on being connection with crime is not proved to be guilty in the court, then also there are chance people hating the person who had already seen the person in news papers and media. This causes inconvenience for him to lead life. Also if the person accused of crime is a celebrity, then it causes unnecessary eagerness and curiosity in people and may lead to unnecessary problems. So the person who is arrested in connection with the crime is allowed to cover his face with mask to avoid such problems.

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